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Continually Working

Crystal Marie Moten

Race, Religion, and Black Lives Matter

Christopher Cameron, Phillip Luke Sinitiere

Ghosts Over the Boiler

Project Hope to Abolish the Death Penalty, Katie Owens-Murphy

To Care for the Sick and Bury the Dead

Leigh Ann Gardner

We Shall Overcome

Kathryn E. Delmez, John Lewis


Brian Fairbanks

Drug Cartels Do Not Exist

Oswaldo Zavala, William Savinar

Trajectories of Empire

Jerome C. Branche, Elizabeth Wright, Cassia Roth, Baltasar Fra-Molinero, Miguel Valerio, Manuel Olmedo Gobante, Agnes Lugo-Ortiz, Lucia Helena Costigan, Abreu Alberto, Eliseo Jacob, Maria Andrea dos Santos Soares

The People’s Plaza

Justin Jones, William J. Barber II

Centenary Subjects

Shawn McDaniel

The Sculpture of William Edmondson

Marin R. Sullivan, Renee Ater, Kela Jackson, Ellen Macfarlane, Anne Monahan, Betsy Phillips, Learotha Williams Jr.

I'll Take You There

Amie Thurber, Learotha Williams Jr.

Hot, Hot Chicken

Rachel Louise Martin

Francisco de Paula Brito

Rodrigo Camargo de Godoi, H. Sabrina Gledhill

Lost Delta Found

John W. Work III, Lewis Wade Jones, Samuel C. Adams Jr., Robert Gordon, Bruce Nemerov

Murals of North Nashville Now

Kathryn E. Delmez

In the Shadow of Powers

Patrick Bellegarde-Smith

Breach of Peace

Eric Etheridge

The Power to Heal

David Barton Smith

Black Writing, Culture, and the State in Latin America

Jerome C. Branche

Reckoning Day

Jacqueline Foertsch

Shade-Grown Slavery

William C. Van Norman Jr.

The Ghosts of Harlem

Hank O'Neal, Charles Rangel

Black, White, and Catholic

R. Bentley Anderson

Playing the Changes

Milt Hinton, David Berger, Holly Maxson, Clint Eastwood

Through Survivors' Eyes

Sally Avery Bermanzohn