VUP’s Betsy Phillips Named Nashville’s Best Historian

Betsy Phillips, Marketing and Sales Manager at Vanderbilt UP, has been dubbed both Nashville’s Best Historian and author of the year’s Best Short-Fiction Book in the 2019 Best of Nashville edition of the Nashville Scene. She finds herself in the illustrious company of other 2019 “Best of” winners Margaret Renkl, Brittany Howard, Buddy Miller, and VUP collaborator Kathryn Delmez of the Frist Art Museum.

Phillips’s book of short stories, Jesus Crawdad Death, was published by Third Man Books late last year. Third Man will also publish her forthcoming investigation of Nashville’s midcentury white-supremacist bombings, Dynamite Nashville.


A living encyclopedia of Nashville lore, Phillips just completed her twentieth year at Vanderbilt UP. She is celebrating by launching the Press’s first local-interest book series: Truths, Lies, and Histories of Nashville. As a lead-up to Nashville’s 250th anniversary in 2029, this ambitious new series is designed to bridge the gap between what scholars and historians know about the city and what the public thinks it knows. Truths, Lies, and Histories of Nashville will consist of twenty-five small volumes covering subjects ranging across Nashville’s entire history. Two or three books will be released each year with a goal of having all twenty-five available by 2029.

Want to be part of this exciting new book series helmed by Nashville’s Best Historian? Check out the series page for Truths, Lies, and Histories of Nashville and submit your proposal.



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