UP Week 2019 Blog Tour: Monday Recap


Happy University Press Week! We hope you’ll follow the UP Week blog tour throughout this week. Here’s more from AUPresses on this yearly tradition:

Each year, we take a tour of blogs in our larger community, with themed series each day bringing us to new and varied voices. Join us this year as we explore how university presses can help teach us “How to…”—and bookmark these sites to #ReadUP throughout the year!

The blog tour will run from Monday, November 4, through Friday, November 8, each day focusing on a different theme:

Monday: How to be a better (global) citizen
Tuesday: How to speak up and speak out
Wednesday: How to be an environmental steward
Thursday: How to build community
Friday: How to practice compassion

Kick off the UP Week blog tour with today’s posts on the theme of How to be a better (global) citizen:

Hope you enjoy! We’ll be back tomorrow with a recap of posts looking at How to speak up and speak out.

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