Policy to Practice: New Book Series

Next Monday marks the official launch of our new book series Policy to Practice: Ethnographic Perspectives on Global Health Systems, with the release of the series’ two inaugural volumes—Delivering Health: Midwifery and Development in Mexico by Lydia Z. Dixon and For the Public Good: Women, Health, and Equity in Rural India by Patricia Antoniello.

The Policy to Practice series illustrates and provides critical perspectives on how global health policy becomes practice. It’s an opportunity for anthropologists to communicate with people in global public health policy, policymaking, and systems. The series provides a venue for relevant work from a variety of disciplines, including anthropology, sociology, history, political science, and critical public health.

Leading the launch of the series, Lydia Z. Dixon’s Delivering Health uncovers the ways in which maternal health outcomes in Mexico have been shaped by broader historical, political, and social factors in the country, through the perspectives of those who are at the front lines fighting for change: midwives. Patricia Antoniello’s For the Public Good details the role of the Comprehensive Rural Health Project (CRHP), a groundbreaking, internationally recognized primary health care model that uses local solutions to solve intractable global health problems. Emphasizing equity and community participation, this grassroots approach recruits local women to be educated as village-based health workers.

Policy to Practice is edited by Svea Closser, associate professor of international health at Johns Hopkins University’s Bloomberg School of Public Health; Emily Mendenhall, Provost’s Distinguished Associate Professor in the Science, Technology, and International Affairs Program in the School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University; Judith Justice, associate professor of health policy and medical anthropology at UC San Francisco; and Peter J. Brown, professor of anthropology, professor of global health, and senior academic advisor to the Global Health Institute at Emory University.

For more information about the Policy to Practice series, check out the series page on our website.

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