Race, Religion, and Black Lives Matter: A Panel Discussion

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Panel supported by Vanderbilt’s Office of the University Chaplain and Religious Life and the Bishop Joseph Johnson Black Cultural Center

Moderator: Brandon Byrd, Vanderbilt University


Christopher Cameron, UNC Charlotte (book coeditor)

Kerry Pimblott, University of Manchester (book contributor)

Joseph R. Winters, Duke University (book contributor)

This volume has a simple but far-reaching argument: religion is an important thread in Black Lives Matter. To advance this claim, Race, Religion, and Black Lives Matter examines religion’s place in the movement through the lenses of history, politics, and culture. While this collection is not exhaustive or comprehensive in its coverage of religion and BLM, it selectively anthologizes unique aspects of Black religious history, thought, and culture in relation to political struggle in the contemporary era. The chapters aim to document historical change in light of current trends and current events. The contributors analyze religion and BLM in a current historical moment fraught with aggressive, fascist, authoritarian tendencies and one shaped by profound ingenuity, creativity, and insightful perspectives on Black history and culture.

Join some of the book’s editors and contributors as they discuss how this recent publication came to be, what the pedagogical aims of the volume are, and how it fits with the goals of the Black Lives and Liberation series in which it appears.

Purchase your copy at http://vanderbi.lt/rrblm and use discount code 15FRIENDS