“TN Writers | TN Stories” Series: Author Carrie Tipton, From Dixie to Rocky Top

Tennessee State Museum (1000 Rosa L. Parks Blvd., Nashville, TN 37208)

As part of the Tennessee State Museum’s “TN Writers | TN Stories” series, author Carrie Tipton will discuss her new book From Dixie to Rocky Top: Music and Meaning in Southeastern Conference Football with retired WSMV sportscaster Rudy Kalis.

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The first book to explore the history of college fight songs as a culturally important phenomenon, From Dixie to Rocky Top zeroes in on the US South, where college football has forged a powerful, quasi-religious sense of meaning and identity throughout the region.

Tracing the story of Southeastern Conference (SEC) fight songs from the late nineteenth to the early twenty-first century, author Carrie Tipton places this popular repertory within the broader commercial music industry and uses fight songs to explore themes of authorship and copyright; the commodification of school spirit; and the construction of race, gender, and regional identity in Southern football culture.

This book unearths the history embedded in SEC football’s music traditions, drawing from the archives of the seventeen universities currently or formerly in the conference. Alongside rich primary sources, Tipton incorporates approaches and literature from sports history, Southern and American history, Southern and American studies, and musicology.

Chronicling iconic Southern fight songs’ origins, dissemination, meanings, and cultural reception over a turbulent century, From Dixie to Rocky Top weaves a compelling narrative around a virtually unstudied body of popular music.