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Serial Mexico

Storytelling across Media, from Nationhood to Now

Amy E. Wright

Mexico, Interrupted

Labor, Idleness, and the Economic Imaginary of Independence

Sergio Gutiérrez Negrón

Robo Sacer

Necroliberalism and Cyborg Resistance in Mexican and Chicanx Dystopias

David S. Dalton

Masculine Figures

Fashioning Men and the Novel in Nineteenth-Century Spain

Nicholas Wolters

Monstrous Politics

Geography, Rights, and the Urban Revolution in Mexico City

Ben Gerlofs

The Mexican Transpacific

Nikkei Writing, Visual Arts, and Performance

Ignacio López-Calvo, Emma Nakatani

Journey without End

Migration from the Global South through the Americas

Andrew Nelson, Rob Curran

Améfrica in Letters

Literary Interventions from Mexico to the Southern Cone

Jennifer Carolina Gómez Menjívar, Paulette Ramsay, Juan Guillermo Sánchez Martínez, Michael Handelsman, Gloria Chacón, Ángela Castro, Eliseo Jacob, Isis Barra Costa, Juan Eduardo Wolf, Diana Rodríguez Quevedo, Mamadou Badiane

Creating Carmen Miranda

Race, Camp, and Transnational Stardom

Kathryn Bishop-Sanchez

Transforming Saints

From Spain to New Spain

Charlene Villaseñor Black

Trajectories of Empire

Transhispanic Reflections on the African Diaspora

Jerome C. Branche, Elizabeth Wright, Cassia Roth, Baltasar Fra-Molinero, Miguel Valerio, Manuel Olmedo Gobante, Agnes Lugo-Ortiz, Lucia Helena Costigan, Abreu Alberto, Eliseo Jacob, Maria Andrea dos Santos Soares

Creating Worlds Otherwise

Art, Collective Action, and (Post)Extractivism

Paula Serafini

Books against Tyranny

Catalan Publishers under Franco

Laura Vilardell

Unlawful Violence

Mexican Law and Cultural Production

Rebecca Janzen

Drug Cartels Do Not Exist

Narcotrafficking in US and Mexican Culture

Oswaldo Zavala, William Savinar

Flexible Families

Nicaraguan Transnational Families in Costa Rica

Caitlin E. Fouratt

Borges and Kafka, Bolaño and Bloom

Latin American Authors and the Western Canon

Juan E. De Castro

Toxic Loves, Impossible Futures

Feminist Living as Resistance

Irmgard Emmelhainz

Centenary Subjects

Race, Reason, and Rupture in the Americas

Shawn McDaniel

Natural Consequences

A Novel

Elia Barceló, Yolanda Molina-Gavilán, Andrea Bell

When a Robot Decides to Die and Other Stories

Francisco García González, Bradley J. Nelson

Rite, Flesh, and Stone

The Matter of Death in Contemporary Spanish Culture

Antonio Córdoba, Daniel García-Donoso, Eugenia Afinoguénova, Pedro Aguilera-Mellado, Ana Fernández-Cebrián, Patty Keller, Angel G. Loureiro, Cristina Moreiras-Menor, Annabel Martín, Jordi Moreras, N. Michelle Murray, Layla Renshaw, Elizabeth Scarlett, Sol Tarrés, William Viestenz


An Introduction

Julio Premat, Amanda Murphy

History and Modern Media

A Personal Journey

John Mraz

Reality in Movement

Octavio Paz as Essayist and Public Intellectual

Maarten van Delden

Jaguars' Tomb

Angélica Gorodischer, Amalia Gladhart

Resisting Extractivism

Peruvian Gold, Everyday Violence, and the Politics of Attention

Michael Wilson Becerril

Manifold Destiny

Arabs at an American Crossroads of Exceptional Rule

John Tofik Karam

Francisco de Paula Brito

A Black Publisher in Imperial Brazil

Rodrigo Camargo de Godoi, H. Sabrina Gledhill

Cyborgs, Sexuality, and the Undead

The Body in Mexican and Brazilian Speculative Fiction

M. Elizabeth Ginway

The Restless Dead

Necrowriting and Disappropriation

Cristina Rivera Garza, Robin Myers

Food, Texts, and Cultures in Latin America and Spain

Rafael Climent-Espino, Ana M. Gómez-Bravo

Sex, Skulls, and Citizens

Gender and Racial Science in Argentina (1860-1910)

Ashley Elizabeth Kerr

Living Quixote

Performative Activism in Contemporary Brazil and the Americas

Rogelio Minana

Iberian Empires and the Roots of Globalization

Ivonne del Valle, Anna More, Rachel Sarah O'Toole

La proyección del neoliberalismo

Las transformaciones del cine mexicano (1988–2012)

Ignacio M. Sánchez Prado

Writing Revolution in Latin America

From Martí to García Márquez to Bolaño

Juan E. De Castro

Atenco Lives!

Filmmaking and Popular Struggle in Mexico

Livia K. Stone

Screening Neoliberalism

Transforming Mexican Cinema, 1988-2012

Ignacio M. Sánchez Prado