Winter 2023 Releases from Vanderbilt UP

The Mexican Transpacific

Nikkei Writing, Visual Arts, and Performance

Ignacio López-Calvo, Emma Nakatani

Everyday Justice

A Legal Aid Story

Ashley Wiltshire

Monstrous Politics

Geography, Rights, and the Urban Revolution in Mexico City

Ben Gerlofs

Masculine Figures

Fashioning Men and the Novel in Nineteenth-Century Spain

Nicholas Wolters

Goya and the Mystery of Reading

Luis Martín-Estudillo

Continually Working

Black Women, Community Intellectualism, and Economic Justice in Postwar Milwaukee

Crystal Marie Moten

Ghosts Over the Boiler

Voices from Alabama's Death Row

Project Hope to Abolish the Death Penalty, Katie Owens-Murphy

A Word on Words

The Best of John Seigenthaler's Interviews

Pat Toomay, Frye Gaillard, Andrew Maraniss, Arna Bontemps, John Egerton, John Lewis, David Halberstam, Jesse Hill Ford, Pat Conroy, Ann Patchett, Dori Sanders, Alice Randall, Nikki Giovanni, Marshall Chapman, Marty Stuart, Rodney Crowell, Waylon Jennings, Kinky Friedman, Charles Fountain, William Marshall, William Price Fox, Jon Meacham, Doris Kearns Goodwin, David Maraniss, John Michael Seigenthaler

Americana Portrait Sessions

Jeff Fasano, Mary Gauthier, Edd Hurt

Robo Sacer

Necroliberalism and Cyborg Resistance in Mexican and Chicanx Dystopias

David S. Dalton