Vanderbilt University Press extends the university’s scholarly mission by publishing dynamic, well-researched books for a global audience of engaged readers.

Established in 1940, Vanderbilt University Press is the principal publishing arm of one of the nation’s leading research universities. The Press’s primary mission is to select, produce, market, and disseminate scholarly publications of outstanding quality and originality. In conjunction with the long-term development of its editorial program, the Press draws on and supports the intellectual activities of the university and its faculty. Although its main emphasis falls in the area of scholarly publishing, the Press also publishes books of substance and significance that are of interest to the general public, including regional books. In this regard, the Press also supports Vanderbilt’s service and outreach to the larger local and national community.

Falling under the administrative aegis of Vanderbilt’s Provost, the chief academic officer of the university, the Press is an integral part of its parent institution. The Vanderbilt imprint is controlled by an Editorial Committee composed of twelve members of the university’s faculty. Prior to being presented to the Editorial Committee, manuscripts are evaluated by VU Press staff for list fit, viability, and quality. External peer review is also conducted to assess the execution of the manuscript’s goals and the quality of the work presented.

The editorial interests of Vanderbilt University Press include most areas of the humanities and social sciences, as well as health care and education. The Press seeks intellectually provocative and socially significant works in these areas, as well as works that are interdisciplinary or that blend scholarly and practical concerns. At present, Vanderbilt publishes around twenty-five new titles each year.

Vanderbilt publications are marketed through catalogs, direct mail, exhibits, reviews, advertising, and promotion to the book trade throughout this country and abroad. Warehousing and worldwide order fulfillment services are provided by Longleaf Services, Inc. in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.