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The Rise of Euroskepticism Available as an Open-Access Ebook

Vanderbilt University Press is pleased to announce that The Rise of Euroskepticism: Europe and Its Critics in Spanish Culture by Luis Martín-Estudillo has been awarded one of twelve inaugural Fellowships Open Book Program grants from the National Endowment for the Humanities Office of Digital Humanities and the Division of Research Programs.

This NEH initiative allows scholarly presses to make recent monographs freely available online. Vanderbilt UP is making The Rise of Euroskepticism available for free through all major ebook vendors and is housing a PDF of the book on our website to ensure that anyone who wants to read a copy of the book can do so at no cost. This open-access edition is published under a Creative Commons license, rendering it free for download and distribution.

» Access The Rise of Euroskepticism for free online:

VUP is thrilled to be among the likes of the University of Chicago Press, Duke University Press, and Johns Hopkins University Press as a grant recipient.

Covering the period from 1915 to the present, The Rise of Euroskepticism examines the role that artists and intellectuals have played in projects of European integration. Using Spain as a case study, Martín-Estudillo explores the ways in which countries on the Continent understand themselves as European or not and how that perception changes over time.

Luis Martín-Estudillo is a professor of Spanish literature and culture at the University of Iowa. He is an executive editor of the Hispanic Issues series published by Vanderbilt.

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