Everyday Justice

Ashley Wiltshire


Brian Fairbanks

Hot Spot

Alex Jahangir, Katie Seigenthaler, James E. K. Hildreth

The People’s Plaza

Justin Jones, William J. Barber II

The Advice King Anthology

Chris Crofton, Tracy Moore, Nick Gazin

The Sculpture of William Edmondson

Marin R. Sullivan, Renee Ater, Kela Jackson, Ellen Macfarlane, Anne Monahan, Betsy Phillips, Learotha Williams Jr.

Mastodons to Mississippians

Aaron Deter-Wolf, Tanya M. Peres

Voyage of the Adventure

John Guider, Jeff Sellers, Albert Bender Jr, Learotha Williams Jr., Carroll Van West

I'll Take You There

Amie Thurber, Learotha Williams Jr.

Hot, Hot Chicken

Rachel Louise Martin

Hidden Nature

Michael Ray Taylor

Architecture of Middle Tennessee

Thomas B. Brumbaugh, Martha I. Strayhorn, Gary G. Gore, Aja Bain

We Shall Overcome

Kathryn E. Delmez

Breach of Peace

Eric Etheridge

People Only Die of Love in Movies

Jim Ridley, Steve Haruch


Keel Hunt, John L. Seigenthaler, Lamar Alexander

Strong Inside

Andrew Maraniss