Royalty Information

Vanderbilt University Press pays royalties annually to authors per the terms of their contract. Statements are mailed in the fall and payments rendered by the end of calendar year when all documentation for an author to be paid is updated and on file. Even if payment is not due to an author in a given annual reporting period, a statement of sales across all title formats should be received annually.

If you have not received an annual statement for an active print book, please contact [email protected]. It is possible that your latest mailing address or email address is not up to date in our records. Providing that information can help us close any gaps in reporting.

How to Read Your Statement

Your statement contains important information about your royalty accounting. It tells if there was a balance carried forward from either an unpaid advance or royalties that were previously unpaid (whether due to minimal accruals limited by contract or by inability to contact the recipient). It tells if you have a pending payment due for that royalty period and when to anticipate receipt of that payment. The corresponding letter that arrives with the statement lets you know if you need to submit any paperwork in order for us to complete any payment due.

If you have published more than one book with VUP, all active titles will appear on separate statements with the particular contractual rates clearly stated for each format (paperback, hardcover, electronic). For each format, life-to-date sales as well as annual sales are included.

Additional forms of revenue beyond print and electronic sales are also catalogued, including any permissions income or subsidiary rights revenue, paid out at the rate stipulated in an individual contract.

If you have questions about how to read your statement, please contact [email protected].

If you should need further assistance, or have any questions about registering as a supplier with Vanderbilt University to facilitate royalty payment, please contact Supplier Records at [email protected].