Strong Inside

Andrew Maraniss

Singing in the Saddle

Douglas B. Green

Elements of Knowledge

Arthur Franklin Stewart

How to Prevent Your Stroke

J. David Spence MD

They Came to Nashville

Marshall Chapman, Peter Guralnick

From Day to Day

Odd Nansen, Timothy J. Boyce


Keel Hunt, John L. Seigenthaler, Lamar Alexander

A Good-Natured Riot

Charles K. Wolfe

Why Do They Kill?

David Adams

Handbook of Medical Sociology, Sixth Edition

Chloe E. Bird, Peter Conrad, Allen M. Fremont, Stefan Timmermans

Playing the Changes

Milt Hinton, David Berger, Holly Maxson, Clint Eastwood

Cities and the Health of the Public

Nicholas Freudenberg, Sandro Galea, David Vlahov