Fall/Winter 2022 from Vanderbilt UP

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The People’s Plaza

Sixty-Two Days of Nonviolent Resistance

Justin Jones, William J. Barber II

Tirana Modern

Biblio-Ethnography on the Margins of Europe

Matthew Rosen

Hot Spot

A Doctor's Diary From the Pandemic

Alex Jahangir, Katie Seigenthaler, James E. K. Hildreth

Women’s Work

How Culinary Cultures Shaped Modern Spain

Rebecca Ingram


David Duke, America's Wildest Election, and the Rise of the Far Right

Brian Fairbanks

Améfrica in Letters

Literary Interventions from Mexico to the Southern Cone

Jennifer Carolina Gómez Menjívar, Paulette Ramsay, Juan Guillermo Sánchez Martínez, Michael Handelsman, Gloria Chacón, Ángela Castro, Eliseo Jacob, Isis Barra Costa, Juan Eduardo Wolf, Diana Rodríguez Quevedo, Mamadou Badiane

The Mexican Transpacific

Nikkei Writing, Visual Arts, and Performance

Ignacio López-Calvo, Emma Nakatani

Journey without End

Migration from the Global South through the Americas

Andrew Nelson, Rob Curran

Masculine Figures

Fashioning Men and the Novel in Nineteenth-Century Spain

Nicholas Wolters

Everyday Justice

A Legal Aid Story

Ashley Wiltshire

Monstrous Politics

Geography, Rights, and the Urban Revolution in Mexico City

Ben Gerlofs